TripleUse Is a design Philosophy. We should only manufacture things that have 3 or more uses in almost every case

Plastic and Polystyrene are vastly overused in “throw away” designs, and after the first use, they are OF NEGATIVE VALUE, both to the original user, the local environment and the entire planet. Supplied as “cheap” and “disposable” they enrich the “built in obsolescence” manufacturers, who just want to make a personal and corporate profit out of them and care not at all for the damage and impoverishment of others and expense to others of getting rid of them, so that they personally / corporately can sell more of them for their own greedy and uncaring profit.

SOMETIMES there is a good reason for this such as human health, but mostly it is just GREED.

A caring designer and manufacturer should always aim for anything produced to have 3 good uses, and “recycling” (at another's expense or “lesser profit”) is not “A Use”... replenishing is.

Containers” and “packaging” are among the main cause of “litter” pollution and are often of inappropriate materials such as plastic and glass.

The BURNING of Carbon is a major cause of global Pollution, and MUST be severely reduced NOW. I will show how this can be done in but there is a cost that corporate greed refuses to pay, and we individual “beneficiaries” (and victims) of this “criminal” greed conspiracy do not have the will or personal ability to change, to the extreme detriment of all future generations of human life.... (and animals, plants and environs) Carbon is an essential component of life,just as is Oxygen – for structure, as well as energy. A MODERATE amount of CO2 is used by plants. An excess is taken up by the sea, turning it acidic, It's a heavy gas.

Carbohydrates such as petrol, oil, propane and butane are also burnt in large amounts, and used in making plastics. They are “needed” to propel nearly all vehicles, though most of the energy comes from the 3 0r 4 hydrogen atoms attached to a carbon atom. The hydrogen is “safe” to burn but the carbon isn't. Pre-processing such fuels allows the carbon to be left behind, and the combustion engine can run on hydrogen. Hydrocarbons are the safest way to store hydrogen, and the “soot” stripped of hydrogen can be reprocessed to a carbohydrate at moderately high pressure and temperature, anaerobically if needed. This needs energy.

Energy, there is no shortage of on Earth. It's often most abundant remotely from where most needed, but with a transport system (or wires) it can be moved around.

10,000 tonnes of carbon (or coal) can be converted to about 11,000 tonnes of carbohydrates such as kerosene. Water can be split into Hydrogen and Oxygen electrically. Volcanoes are ideal high energy sources more than 99% of our planet is made of molten material at very high temperature. One doesn't even have to dig for it - It is delivered to the top of mountains.....